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Dailomaa, Nepal's first online stationery store, provides all of your home, sporting, and cosmetic needs in addition to office, school, and consumer electronics. Dailomaa is committed to giving users from all walks of life an easy-to-use platform. We promise a hassle-free shopping experience, exceptional customer service, and punctual delivery. With a few clicks, you may also sell your scrap to generate some revenue. A platform that offers advantages for both buyers and sellers, such as usability, dependability, and accessibility. We promise a stress-free buying experience, top-notch customer service, the ability to sell your scrap, and prompt delivery.

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Bafal-13, Kathmandu 44600

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We prioritize a hassle-free purchase experience, first-rate customer service, the best product at a reasonable price, the opportunity to sell your scrap, and timely delivery.