Dailomaa, Nepal's first online stationery store, offers all of your home, sporting, electronics, and cosmetic needs. Dailomaa is dedicated to providing multiple selections to people from various backgrounds (students to professionals) with an intuitive platform.


In addition, our website is extremely accessible, aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly. We offer a large selection of products at great prices. We have sections for office supplies, school supplies, arts and crafts, gifts and toys, sports and fitness, automobile parts and decors, domestic products, software, and smartwatches. The product is designed for a gift, and you can grab the best-looking products from our website and app and store them in your shopping cart. You can then enter your recipient's name, email address, shipping address, contact details click the "Add to cart" button, and checkout.


In the same way, Dailomaa signifies delivery at your doorstep. We guarantee outstanding customer care, a hassle-free buying experience, and prompt delivery. You may also sell your scrap with a few clicks to gain some revenue. A marketplace with benefits such as usability and dependability for both consumers and sellers.


Dailomaa is the stationery-based enterprise, can guarantee that its products are reputable and trustworthy. Speaking of our website and apps, it is really simple to use. You must first download our apps from the play store or app store and you can view the many sorts of stuff. While looking for the best and most appropriate products, you can also find a variety of products on our website: www.dailomaa.com.You must select the appropriate product with the appropriate quantity before adding them to your shopping cart. Also, by clicking on the “scrap sell icon,” you can sell your items too. 


The word "stationery" originally referred to all goods offered by a stationer, whose name denoted that his bookstore was located at a set location. This was typically a permanent location near a university and was run by Chapman (who sold books and other items) at markets and festivals we also do have stores (Dailomaa Outlets) and sell online, so you can get the best goods with only one click or by visiting our outlets. When there are events or special occasions, we also provide offers and discounts so that we can share our happiness with our valuable customers.


If you love to work with pens, paper, and products that help you be more productive then Dailomaa is the ideal place to shop. We offer a wide selection of stationery goods including pens, paper, and other gift idea kits. We also have products which are purely made in Nepal, they are made with love in Nepal by highly skilled artisans, crafted using traditional and modern technological methods.

Dailomaa is a mobile app and website for anyone to sell and buy scrap goods. Selling your scrap is fast, easy, and convenient. Not only that you can use it to create a beautiful home, but you may also give it as a gift or sell the scrap in exchange for other products. We aim to make business easy for everyone. Small and medium businesses can have their marketplace where they can buy scrap, sell scrap, and connect with potential customers.


All in all, we aim to offer people in Nepal and the world a means to purchase well-priced, high-quality products. We hope that through this platform we can reach out to the customers of today’s and tomorrow. At Dailomaa, we believe that the pursuit of happiness is not just a goal, but a means for achieving it. Our vision for life is to be happy, and free of hassle and stress. So, Dailomaa strives to bring all of your needs at reduced costs along with providing you with an easy way to support our valued customers from around the world. “Delivery at your doorstep”- Dailomaa