Data Policy

Welcome to the value your privacy and want to keep your personal information safe. Please read this Data Security and Cookies Policy to learn more.

This Data policy outlines how we collect, use, and disclose your personal information (under certain conditions). It also explains the security measures we have put in place to protect your personal information. The data policy will assist in the security and disclosure of your account. We only collect information that is required, and we will use your information if it is relevant to our dealings with you. We will only keep the information for as long as it is required by law and for the purposes of  which it was collected.

You can browse and use our site without providing any personal information.Unless you have an account on the Site and log in with your username and password, you will remain confidential during your visit to the Site.

Data Collection

We may gather different types of data unless you focus on finding to purchase for a product with us through the site.Personal information collected by us may include, but is not limited to, your title, name, gender, date of birth, e-mail address, postal address, shipping address (if different), telephone number, mobile number, fax number, payment details, information about your payment card, or details about your bank account.We will utilize the information you provide to process your orders and offers  you the products and details available on our website that you have requested.

We may provide your identity and residence to a third-party so as to arrange for the product to be delivered to you . Your precise purchase orders may be secured with us, but for security reasons, we cannot take out them directly.You can, nevertheless, get to this data by simply logging in to your Site account.

Some uses of your Personal Details

We may be using your personally identifiable information for market and investigation.Your information is entirely anonymous and is solely used for tracking purposes.Any responses to questionnaires or opinion surveys which we might ask you to not be discussed with third parties. You only have to disclose your email address if you'd like to engage in competitions. We will keep hold of your questionnaire responses separately from your email address. Moreover, that information will not be able to identify you individually.

Encouragement and offers

We might utilize the details to apprise candidacy winners and start promoting our products.More information about who we share your information with can be found in our participation terms for the significant competition.

Customer service investigators.

We can sometimes disclose your data to customer service representatives for them to provide you with more precise advice and details. They will not only be able to identify your issue with greater precision by examining the information, but they will also be able to solve it at a quicker rate.

Staff members in Support

We may access your private data with our in-house staff members, who might just act as your first point of contact to resolve any issues or questions you may have. They will be able to solve your problems if they have access to your personal information.

Collaborates in business.

We may utilize your data with our business associates with whom we provide goods and amenities in collaboration. The website will also include relevant data about our affiliates and to who we collectively offer products and services, so you will have accurate guidance about our affiliates.When you decide to enroll for these selectable, collectively services offered, we might very well share intelligence regarding you, along with your private details, with those trading partners so they're able to consult you straightforwardly  about items and amenities that you've registered up to receive via email or phone number.Your account information, as well as any other info needed for the transportation item or assistance you have requested, may be included in this category of personal information.These third-party business associates are not going to utilize your intimate data to engage in direct marketing unless required by law.Remember, nevertheless, that we hold no authority over the confidentiality of these third-party business associates, and once you end up leaving the Dailomaa platform, the privacy policy and terms and conditions remain out of our hands.

Third-party retailers

We may disclose information to third-party vendors such as digital transactions, results for the business partners, service providers, as well as other commercial partners who render functions and provide products on our representative. We might well permit third-party distributors to collect the information required to carry out their business processes; moreover, participants really aren't obligated to share or use the personal details for a different goal.

Our corporation's subsidiaries

Every corporation that is basically required to register under our organization may have access to the information for specific purposes. We may consider sharing your data with other businesses in our group.We can additionally give your details to our suppliers to facilitate us with the various data uses described in our Information protection and cookies plan.We might indeed consider sharing information with third parties for scam intervention and loan reducing risk.


If we purchase our business or a component of it, we may transfer our records enclosing your private information. Other than as clarified in this information protection and cookies plan, we will not sell or reveal your personal information to other companies without your explicit permission, except where such sharing is necessary for the specified purposes inside this information security and cookies plan or is permitted by law.The website might include third-party marketing, hyperlinks to other websites, or images of many other sites. Remember that we're not willing to take responsibility for the privacy policies or subject matter of those third parties and perhaps other sites, nor for any third party toward whom your information is provided in conformance with our data protection and cookies plan.