Sell Nepali Products

Welcome to Dailomaa. As Nepal's first stationery store, we concentrate on Nepalese products. The authenticity of any Nepali product has a substantial influence everywhere. It is full of greater values, honor, and admiration for our home nation. 
We enjoy representing ourselves through our product types as well. We have such a strong emotional attachment to Nepali products. You shouldn't be having problems selling your Nepali product. We prioritize those who sell authentic Nepali product and services. We appreciate all those who are willing to sell Nepali products on our website.
For selling your Nepali Products, you must follow the following order precisely:
1. The  seller first log in to the Dailomaa website.
2. The "contact us" icon can be found in the top left corner of your screen after logging in.
3. You must correctly complete the provided form and send an email to .
4. Each seller must have their products licensed.
5. The members of our Dailomaa Inspection Team will review your form.
6. After , We will provide the specific authorization for each seller and provide details regarding the form and email.
7. Once receiving permission to sell their goods vendors may start taking orders.
8. Sellers can finally make their product offers on our site without any hassle.