Return and Refund Policy

The option to return an item and receive a refund is one of the services that different sellers offer under different categories. For some items in a given product category, the return policy might not be uniform. The product that is still covered by the manufacturer's warranty will be sent to the service facility; return and refund policies will not apply to such products. The relevant return policy can be found on the product page.

Justifications for returning a product

  1. If the product that was sent was inaccurate or partially missing.
  2. If the product is incorrect, or not the same as the product that was advertised on the website and apps.
  3. If the product is in bad condition (dirty, broken, used, expired, unappropriate form or quantity)
  4. If the product is physically defected or damaged in terms of quality when it is delivered.
  5. If the clothing item's size doesn't fit, incorrect or different size.

The Pickup and Return Cycles

The return request must be made within the 2 days of receiving the item and within 5 days, the product must be returned.

After getting the return request from the customer, Dailomaa’s representative will visit the customer and they will inspect and approve the return refund.

The time frame of inspection within the valley is 1-2 days, for outside of valley 3-4 days.

Reminder : Customers must drop off the item at the Parcel delivery pickup point for returns outside the valley.





During pick-up, your product will be checked for the following conditions: 



Adequate Goods        

 Each product's name, IMEI, image, brand, serial number, article number, bar code, and MRP tag should all match. They also all need to be attached and easily visible.


Complete Goods      

All included extras, freebies, and combos should be present, including the remote control, starter kits, accessories (such as lids or covers, sponge, etc.), instruction manuals, chargers, and headphones.

Unspoiled Items  

The item must be undamaged, unwashed, unsoiled, stain-free, and have intact quality check seals, return tags, and warranty seals (wherever applicable). A mobile, laptop, or tablet should be formatted and its screen lock (Pin, Pattern, or Fingerprint) turned off before returning it. Apple devices require disabling iCloud lock.

Damage Free Product 

There should be no physical alterations to the product, no physical deformation of the product, no scratches, no damage to perishable goods, no holes or tears in any kind of fabric, no breakage or cracking of any glassware, no disconnections of any wires, and proper operation of all electronic devices.

VAT/PAN Bill    

The products must be returned with the VAT/PAN bill.

Once the goods is selected and quality-checked by Dailomaa representatives, the return/refund process will be performed.





After the product is selected and the Quality Control Team inspects its quality, the refund will be handled. The payment type that is listed below determines the refund time.


Mode of Payment

Refund Policy

Date of Reimbursement

Cash on Delivery (COD) 

Bank Deposit/Cash in hand

3-4 (Working Days)


To be credited in respective account

1-3 (working Days)



Shipping charge refund