Sell Stationeries and Crafts

Wow! Delivery at your doorstep.
We are ready to reach you, aren't you ready to order and sell your stationery and craft?
Our webpage is indeed very simple, pleasant to use, and simple to understand. It will be beneficial to both parties because it is widely obtainable and does not take long to consult with our marketing executive. We deliver stationery and sporting goods, as well as millions of other services, with a single click. Shop and sell personalized gifts, stationery, and custom party supplies for all of your special occasions. We are always willing to assist our consumers. Our association will blossom as a result of this, as it favors both of us.
 We make it simple to order and sell your stationery and craft with our simple online ordering system.
You can sell your stationery and craft by logging into our website.
1.    First, You must click on the “contact us” icon in the top left corner of the screen, even after completing all of the processes without any hassle.
2.    Then, You must fill out the given details according to your stationery, crafts, home decor, play station, etc.
3.    After completing all the sessions, Our Customer Service Department will accept and review the form.
4.    After, We will provide the specific authorization for each seller and provide details regarding the form and email
5.     Once receiving permission to sell their goods vendors may start taking orders.
6.    Finally, You can sell your stationery and crafts. 
You are always welcome and feel free to sell your stationery, craft, and scrap in Dailomaa. For further information, please contact us via